Урок английского языка в 7 классе на тему «Ecological problems»


  1. Обучающая:
    активизировать лексику по теме "Экологические проблемы", развивать навык монологической речи. Научиться вести дискуссию и воспринимать речь на слух. Систематизировать знания учащихся по теме «Экологические проблемы». Закрепление лексического и грамматического материала.

  2. Развивающие: Развивать способности к зрительной и слуховой дифференциации. Развивать способности к непроизвольному и произвольному запоминанию, к догадке о значении слов по картинкам и по аналогии с родным языком.

  3. Воспитательная: Воспитание бережного отношения к природе.

Оснащение урока: компьютер, мультимедиа.

Ход урока:

Организационный момент. Hello, children! Sit down please. I am very glad to see you!

Ознакомление с темой и задачами урока.

The theme of our lesson is Ecological problems. And our task is to know more about it and to find the ways out of this problems.

Основная часть урока

  1. Warming up. Answer my questions, please.

What is Ecology?

What makes ecology an important science?

The information of what sciences does ecology use?

Mach the definitions.

1)The place in which people live and work

2) a scientist who studies the environment and the way plants, animals and people live together in relation to each other

3) to make air, water and soil too dirty and dangerous for people

4) useless materials

5) a place usually outside a town where people collect waste

6) the world with all living things , the land and the seas

7) a large building with machines that give electricity

8) good and useful for your health

a) waste g) ecologist

b) pollute h) dump

c) nature

d) environment

e) health

f) power station

1)- , 2)- , 3)- , 4)- , 5) , 6) , 7)- , 8)- .

  1. Аудирование. Listen to the tape two times. For the first time you must listen to it attentively and fill in the missing words. Next time try to check your answers.

What is Ecology?

No living things or …….. of living things can live and grow in isolation. All organisms, both …….. and animals, need energy to develop and all species of living things influence the lives of others. Ecology is …….. . it studies how plants, animals and other living things live in ………. to each other and to their environment. People have always studied living things in their ………. environment, in other words, they have ………. studied the air , the water, the soil and all the other things that ………. a person, animal or plant. The environment can influence the growth and ……… of living things. …………. also study what happens to different ………. . They collect information about their ……….. number, diet, form, ………… and ………… . Ecology is one of the most important ………… nowadays. It teachers us how to ……….. in the modern.

Now let’s check it up.

  1. Discussing the text «What is Ecology?» and making dialogs.

  2. Now let’s have a competition. The winner will be a person who tells more sentences on the theme «How can we save our planet?».

  3. Подведение итогов, выставление оценок.

Thank you very much. It was very interesting to find out about Ecological problems our planet.

The lesson is over. Goodbye.